Corporate Governance

  • Integrity and Fairness

    The management's freedom should be exercised within a framework of checks and balances. Accordingly, the Company will conduct its affairs in a manner that ensures fairness to all stakeholders, both internal as well as external. To this end, the Company has formulated ethical standards and evolved processes and methodologies that prevent the misuse of power and facilitate fair and effective management.

  • Transparency and Disclosure

    The Company believes that transparency means that all the policies, decisions and actions are clearly explained to those to whom the Company is responsible, in particular, those who are affected by such policies, decisions and actions. Accordingly, such transparency is implemented through proper disclosures, at the same time ensuring that the Company's strategic interests are not jeopardised. In practice, this is achieved through strong MIS, robust internal controls, an active audit committee and strict adherence to procedures by the Board of Directors.

  • Accountability and Responsibility

    The executive management of the Company is accountable to the Board of Directors, which in turn is accountable to shareholders and other stakeholders, including customers, employees, vendors, creditors, and to society and the general public at large. The Company also believes that high levels of accountability are ensured by vesting decision-making powers at appropriate levels of the organisational hierarchy. Hence, empowerment is an integral part of the Company's philosophy of corporate governance.